Issa Vibe: My Favorite Albums of 2017


Hey Y’all!

Now I know I’ve been slacking on the posts the past few months, but I could not let the year pass without sharing my favorite albums of 2017. Although this year has been an utter shit show (thanks Trump), the art has helped us cope. There are a few 2017 albums that got more than one spin in their entirety in my earbuds and car stereo. Wanna hear it? Here it goes…


Valerie June- The Order of Time (January 2017)

Yes, black girls listen to folk and bluegrass. This album sounds incredible on vinyl. Valerie’s souful voice and country drawl sound familiar, yet interesting. The lyrics are introspective; the music is genuine. This album was a welcomed change to my usual musical choices.

Favorite Tracks: Long Lonely Road, If And, Astral Plane


Rick Ross- Rather You Than Me (March 2017)

The production on this album is damn near perfect. Melodic, raw and cinematic. (Why do all of Ross’s albums sound like Summer?) The features from other artists were curated well; I love that he chose Dej Loaf as the female rapper feature. I’m pretty sure I played this album everyday for 3 months.

Favorite Tracks: Dead Presidents, She On My Dick, I Think She Like Me, Maybach Music V


Young Thug- Beautiful Thugger Girls (June 2017)

Yes, I liked this goofy shit. I downloaded it expecting to hate it and found myself smiling throughout the whole experience. The content is explicit, somewhat fragmented and yet cohesive. This album was a love letter. ART DOES NOT HAVE TO MAKE SENSE.

Favorite Tracks: You Said, Family Don’t Matter, Tomorrow Til Infinity, Do U Love Me, She Wanna Party


Jhene’ Aiko- Trip (September 2017)

This concept album is emotional and ethereal, meant to take us on a journey through her thoughts of hopelessness and bouts of creativity. I suggest listening with over ear headphones with your eyes closed. Let the tears well up and breathe deeply…

Favorite Tracks: When We’re Young, Oblivion, Jukai, Overstimulated

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Tank- Savage (September 2017)

So this not-so lowkey BDSM soundtrack (Domme recognizes Dom), is pure sweat and slow grind. Tank’s vocal range is on full display in this collection, and yet, we can along easily. R&B at its finest.

Favorite Tracks: Do For Me, You Belong To Me, F It Up, When We…ok the whole damn album


H.E.R. -Self-titled (October 2017, though released as two volumes previously)

H.E.R. voice is breathy; the music, though not profound, is refreshing. The vocals are easy to sing along to and the tracks are wavy. The album sounds like a smokey, blue lit den full of millenial blerds. I am ok with that.

Favorite Tracks: Every Kind of Way, Focus, U, I Won’t


Miguel- War & Leisure (December 2017)

Groovy than a bih. For me, the lyrics aren’t nearly as important as the vibe this album invokes. It sounds like a swanky, yet casual party where the pretty girls are wearing shiny dresses and the guys are wearing tight suits sans shirts. Everyone is having a good time. I don’t mind it at all.

Favorite Tracks: Come Through and Chill, Sky Walker, Anointed


Juicy J- Rubba Band Business (December 2017)

No explanation is needed. Y’all know Juicy’s music RIDES. I’ve been a fan of him, Three Six Mafia and Project Pat for years. The Taylor Gang features bring the West Coast stoner vibe to the gritty Memphis flow. The music is raw, yet polished. He’s a professional hood nigga. What’s not to love?

Favorite Tracks: A Couple, Feed The Streets, Ain’t Nothing, No English

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