An Ode to Carla

To the woman who birthed me:

Who could not nurture because she, herself was sick

Who could not be present because she, herself was not free

She, who endured trauma and battled demons…

To the woman who taught me how to forgive:

Who works spiritually and emotionally to repair broken bonds

She, who continues to selflessly minister to everyone she meets through kind words and deeds

Who sings and laughs and dances

She, who is loved, valued and redeemed…

Momma. Sugarmama. Recovering Addict. Ex-con. Minister. Advocate. Survivor. Queen.


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Carla

  1. LaToyia, this is one of the most memorable gifts that I’ve ever received. It feels my heart with joy to know what you really think of me, especially the “queen”. My heart is beating so fast right now. I’m glad that you waited for me to get better and still anticipates what I’m evolving into. Thank you Toy. I LOVE YOU!

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