Treat Yo’self Like ABuggslyfe

Everyday life can be quite dull, with work and parenting/household activities. Actively seeking ways to make my daily life pleasurable and comfortable has been become a passion of mine. Luxury is not all about designer clothing or passport stamps (though those are nice). It is about being embracing the desire to feel good and enjoy your surroundings. For me, luxury must meet the following criteria:

1.Engages more than one of my senses

2. Makes a mundane activity feel more special

3. Feels like an investment in my happiness.

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you should click here), you know I love practicing #selfcare. Here is a list of ways I have made my life feel rich.

Use Luxury Fabrics on Your Hair and Skin

I splurged on a set of silk pillowcases a few months ago and Honey! I am in love with them. They took some getting used to, but I look forward to going to bed every night. Now that face masks are a part of our everyday lives, I wear silk ones.

Do your hair and skin a favor and incorporate silk (or satin) into your bedding, face mask and head wrap purchases. The material is more forgiving than cotton (less friction, so less damage Less friction means fewer wrinkles for your skin and less breakage for your hair.

Add Essential Oils/Colognes

Since returning to work in the office, I have been wearing a silk face mask most of the day. One or two drops of a pleasant essential oil blend (preferably with rose or citrus notes) has help to improve my mood and productivity. Use whichever blends you like.

Another way to use scent is to spray your bed with the cologne of your choice. I use a fresh and floral blend that smells heavenly. Burning scented candles in the evenings (until bedtime) is a common practice for me as well.

Wear Pajamas/Lounge wear When at Home

I come home from work and immediately remove my “outside clothes”. Having dedicated “house clothes” has enhanced my sense of coziness and mental relaxation. This ritual is not only hygienic but therapeutic. I leave the stress of the day behind and embrace the serenity of being in my own space.

Practice a Daily Skincare Routine

No matter how sleepy/rushed I am, I make to cleanse, tone, moisturize my face and neck. No exceptions. I never regret taking that extra time to take care of myself. I also include weekly sheet masks and other products, such as serums, as a special treat. Intently applying skincare products makes me feel relaxed and in control of myself.

Add Fresh Flowers to Home Spaces

I am a plant lover and have little green friends throughout my home. Fresh cut flowers provide so much color and interest to my spaces. Placing a small bouquet in my bedroom and bathrooms enhance the decor and uplift my mood. Changing the water every two days or so helps them last at least week. No need to break the bank; a little bundle from the grocery store will work just fine. When they begin to wilt, I thank them for giving my home beauty and then toss them in my backyard.

Visit Farmers’ Markets and Local Shops

I live in a small town and love buying from local vendors. Some may feel that outside markets are a bit hokey, but you can find some wonderfully unique and hand-crafted items there. Treat yourself to some gourmet breads/pastries, handmade soaps and scrubs, flowers and crafts.

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What everyday luxuries do you enjoy? Leave a comment and let me know.

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